Plugin released: Tweet Prompt Box

After realizing my previous plugin idea had already been taken, I decided to stay in the same vein of Twitter sharing for the next idea.

I wrote a plugin called Tweet Prompt Box that adds a small call to action box at the bottom of a reader’s browser. It appears as they scroll asking them to tweet the post if they like it. Sometimes readers need that little extra nudge to share and this removes the friction of sharing via Twitter. The call to action is customizable and you can choose between a light and dark theme.


It’s not a huge undertaking by any means but I think some people would find it useful, and it was so much fun learning and experimenting. The best way to learn and hone skills is to just do it and keep practicing. I learned a lot, but I know there’s still a lot to learn, and that excites me.

The plugin is in the plugin repository and can be downloaded here if you want to give it a spin. I’m pretty excited about it being out in the world.

Already done

I worked a little bit on making my first WordPress plugin two weeks ago. As I was re-reading the developer FAQ to make sure everything was in order before mustering up the nerve to submit it, I decided to do another quick search for anything similar.

Well, it turns out there’s already a plugin out there, and it looks really good. Selection Sharer by Hans van Gent does exactly what I’m doing here, as well as adding sharing via email. So if you were looking forward to having something like this on your site, go and download his plugin.

Back to the drawing board for me.