Union Station Grand Hall


We visited the gorgeous Union Station in Kansas City on a walking food/history tour. This 850,000 square foot building, with original architectural details, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Grand Hall is stunning with 95-foot high ceilings, three 3500-pound chandeliers, and a 6-foot wide clock hanging in the archway.

It also has a rich and interesting history. The notorious Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd was accused of taking part in the Kansas City Massacre, in which FBI agents were killed by outlaws attempting to free their friend from federal custody.

If you ever find yourself in Kansas City, you should definitely check it out. It’s a beautiful building and I’m glad the governments of both Kansas and Missouri saved it from demolition.

Akismet Goodies

Photo credit: @pollyplummer on Instagram says "Awww, @akismet swag is unbearably cute."

Photo credit: @pollyplummer on Instagram says “Awww, @akismet swag is unbearably cute.”

For a while now, my colleague Nick Hamze and I have been in cohorts developing ideas for Akismet swag (aka promotional items). Mostly stickers on our own dime and one-off things he makes in his home created with my designs. All for fun.

About two months ago Nick came to me excitedly saying we were given the green light to make a bunch of goodies to send to Akismet beta testers as a way to thank them. Huzzah! So we spent the next month working together to come up with cool designs. Here’s what we had made:

It was a ton of fun and I can see why Nick loves making things like this in his spare time. And it’s really exciting seeing people enjoying the cool stuff they’re getting.